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Overinterview and Underachieve, Kansas City Star

Kevin Pallardy, Managing Partner, shares his insights into how an overly long interview process can burden internal resources and ultimately drive away job candidates. Read the full article at the Kansas City Star.

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn, Network Journal

Matt Kerr, Director of Executive Search & Talent, provides a series of steps you can take on LinkedIn to build up your personal brand and attractiveness to recruiters and potential employers. Read the full article at the Network Journal.

Can You Really Have It All?, Human Resource Executive

Judah Kurtz, Manager of Leadership & Team Development, discusses steps prospective employers and employees can take to ensure clear expectations around work/life balance. Read the full article at Human Resource Executive.

Helping Employees Deal With Everyday Annoyances, BenefitsPro

Carol Fitzgibbons, Director of Organization & Talent Solutions, discusses how managers can improve engagement and productivity among employees by addressing ongoing annoyances. Read the full article at BenefitsPro.

Career Transition Timeline For Veterans,

Gene Link, a Senior Consultant and an Army veteran himself, provides a detailed timeline of steps veterans should take before exiting the military in order to secure a job in the civilian workplace. Read the full article at

Build A Brand: Envision Yourself As An Enterprise, Chicago Tribune

Jay Scherer, Managing Partner, advises on how everyone can become the CEO of their own career by creating a personal brand based on their career goals and offering to market. Read the full article at the Chicago Tribune.


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