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Goodbye, Resume? Not so Fast, Experts Say, Human Resource Executive

Matt Kerr, Director of Talent Acquisition, explains why the traditional resume isn't quite ready to be replaced by social media in the hiring process. Read the full article at Human Resource Executive.

Prepare Your Staff For A New Hire, American Express OPEN Forum

Carol Fitzgibbons, Director of Organization and Talent Solutions, shares advice on what you can do to rally your team behind a new hire and set that individual up for success before he or she has even set foot in the office. Read the full article at American Express OPEN Forum.

Employers Weed Out Job Candidates With Off-The-Wall Questions, Baltimore Sun

Howard Leifman, Senior Consultant and career coach, explains what motivates interviewers to pose unusual questions and what interviewees can do to prepare for them. Read the full article at the Baltimore Sun.

For Vets, It's Not Actual Military Experience That Matters On Job Interviews, New Jersey Star-Ledger

Gene Link, a Senior Consultant and an Army veteran himself, advises on how returning veterans can revamp their resumes to make their skills and experiences seem more relevant to the civilian job market  Read the full article at the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

The Price You Pay for an Olympic-Caliber Career, Fortune

Duncan Ferguson, Managing Director, explains how, according to the results of BPI group's recent CEO survey, being a successful CEO can require the commitment and sacrific of an Olympic athlete. Read the full article at Fortune.

Help Returning Veterans Find Place In The Workforce, Chicago Tribune

Gene Link, an army veteran and Senior Consultant, outlines his recommended timeline and approach for members of the armed services looking to find a good fit in the civilian job market.  Read the full article at the Chicago Tribune.

Your Money: Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It?, Reuters

Matt Kerr, Director of Executive Search and Talent, explains why upgrading your LinkedIn account just might be worth the extra expense. Read the full article at Reuters.

7 Signs It's Time to Quit Your Job, Business News Daily

Patricia Siderius, Managing Director of Executive Outplacement Services, advises on how to determine when leaving a job might just be best move for your career — or even your personal health. Read the full article at Business News Daily.


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