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Employers Should Reconsider Social Media Boundaries, BenefitsPro

Duncan Ferguson, Managing Director of Leadership Development, explains why the current trend towards challenging social media privacy during the hiring process could end up hurting the employers themselves. Read the full article at BenefitsPro.

Free Job Training Gets 40 Women Back to Work, Womenetics

Sandy Davies, Vice President of Professional Services, speaks with Womenetics about how BPI group and JVS Chicago have found success in working to find jobs for 100 women through their Giving Back Initiative. Read the full article at Womenetics.

Mega Millions Raises Tough Question for Job Seekers, MSNBC

Patricia Siderius, Managing Director of Executive Outplacement Services, gives her advice on how job seekers should respond if an interviewer asks what they would do if they won the lottery. Read the full article at CNNMoney.

Must you Give a Job Interviewer your Facebook Password?, CNNMoney

Duncan Ferguson, Managing Director of Leadership Development, was interviewed by Fortune/CNN Money on the practice of employers requesting Facebook passwords from job applicants. Read the full article at CNNMoney.

Making a Successful Career Switch, WBEZ91.5

Judah Kurtz, Manager of Leadership and Team Development, recently spoke to WBEZ, an affiliate of NPR, about the keys to a successful career switch. Listen to the full broadcast at WBEZ91.5.

BPI group at the Atlanta SHRM Conference, Atlanta Business RadioX

Bernie Pritchard, Vice President of Client Solutions for the Southeast, was recently interviewed about BPI group during the 22nd Annual Atlanta SHRM Conference. Listen to the full broadcast at Atlanta Business RadioX.

10 Things Not To Say When You Quit Your Job, The Grindstone

Patricia Siderius, Managing Director, Executive Outplacement Services, explains why it doesn't pay to burn bridges. Read the full article at The Grindstone.

Top-Level Exec Who Reads Bedtime Stories and Serves Pork to 500, Womenetics

Amy Dordek, Managing Director, Midwest with BPI group, shares her perspective on balancing work, family and community. Read the full article at Womenetics.


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