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A hunger and drive to do great work always

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Unequivocal qualities we demand of ourselves and deliver to our clients


Extraordinary client experiences and results that make a difference


Loyalty and reliability that fuel lasting relationships

Leading-edge thinkers with

From the gig economy to the rise of automation and a new generation of millennial leaders,
the nature of work itself has changed profoundly. At BPI group, we help people and organizations embrace change to enhance their resilience and success. BPI group brings more than 30 years of interdisciplinary talent expertise to solve your toughest talent challenges.

BPI group offers services in Leadership Acceleration, Executive Coaching, and Career Transitions


The relationship between an organization and its people is complex. We believe sustainable business success requires simplifying that relationship by balancing the needs and contributions of the organization with the needs and contributions of each individual employee. This is our firm philosophy and the framework through which we approach every engagement.

From leadership acceleration to career transition to executive coaching, BPI group helps people and organizations understand each other’s mutual perspectives and work together for sustainable growth. Successful organizations work to understand and meet the needs of their people. Successful employees actively develop and align their personal value proposition with the changing needs of their organization and the market. Let us show you how our approach can help you achieve your goals.

What makes BPI group DIFFERENT

Leading-Edge Thinking for
the Future of Work

Our thought leaders are smart, experienced subject matter experts with a strategic focus. We help you navigate the complex and rapidly changing world of work, with innovative human capital solutions that foster agility and resilience.

Practical and Customized Problem-Solving

We solve real problems with practical, effective solutions. Our approach is based on research and best practices, but is not overly theoretical. We put consulting to work – not on a shelf.

An Integrated Perspective on Talent

We bring a comprehensive perspective on the full range of talent strategies and processes, bringing you smart, integrated human resources solutions that span the talent management life cycle.

Strategic Alignment for
Sustainable Success

We bridge the gap between business and talent strategy to drive results. Everything we do is geared to ensure sustainable success for both your organization and your people.

Collaborative Partnership

We listen and build lasting partnerships with our clients. Our collaborative approach helps you think critically and objectively, delivering customized solutions for your toughest leadership and development challenges.

Global Reach with Local Roots

We work across borders, cultures, and industries. We are headquartered in Chicago, IL, and we have consultants across the country and around the world.

A DYNAMIC TEAM of interdisciplinary
talent experts

Passionate about what we do, our team of talent and transition experts help cultivate the relationship between an organization and its people to help both make the most of change.