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We are the global leadership, talent & transition experts, working with extraordinary clients to deliver extraordinary results.


Executive Coaching

See the ROI of exceptional leadership with our Executive Coaching services. We help you unlock the potential of your senior executives with our global cadre of experienced coaches.  

Team Optimization

Optimize your executive team’s organizational impact by aligning and engaging senior leaders’ shared vision and objectives to deliver powerful business results.

New Leader Assimilation

Engage your new leader and team in productive and proactive dialogue with our assimilation coaching process to accelerate learning and successful integration.

“I don’t think anyone ever stops learning or gaining benefits from coaching. A good coach adds polish to what’s already been learned and is valued by the organization. Organizations should be investing in coaching for their high-potential people to further enhance their contributions.”

Yvonne, a large public accounting & consulting firm


Talent Strategy

Connect talent strategy to business results by getting the right people in the right roles through competency modeling, talent reviews, and succession management consulting.

Leadership Development

Develop leaders who deliver results with Leadership Development Essentials. We equip your leaders with the skills and competencies they need to realize their potential through dynamic experiential learning.

Action Learning

Action learning puts talent development to work with proven results. Identify creative solutions to real-world business problems while developing your leaders at an accelerated pace.

“Our BPI group team was phenomenal. Their knowledge, competence, and professionalism were outstanding, in addition to their seamless project management skills. They worked hard to listen, provide constructive pushback, and deliver exceptional results.”

Diana, a leading international transportation company


Career Transition: Organizations

We’re here to help your outgoing employees take the next step. We offer an integrated perspective on change management to ensure success for both your employees and your organization.

Career Transition: Individuals

Decide what you want your next business card to say, and we’ll help you get there. We’ll help you discover what’s next for you, whether it’s a new job, a new career, starting your own business, or preparing for retirement.

Executive Advisory Services

Only you can decide what the next right step is for your career. We’re here to help you build a plan for your future and make the right choices for long-term career success.

Change Management

Rewire your organization for sustainable change with Change Management & Communications Consulting. We’ll help you get beyond “just getting through” to build momentum and achieve transformational change.