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Action learning puts talent development to work with proven results. Experiment and transform your talent development with action learning. You’ll identify creative solutions to real-world business problems while developing your leaders at an accelerated pace.


BPI group’s Action Learning programs are designed to help leaders get their best and brightest working on something they haven’t had time to figure out. Business challenges could include:

  • Introducing a new product or service
  • Moving into a new market
  • Improving diversity
  • Reducing burnout


Action learning is not another average training session. It is comprised of interactive, modular, flexible, and customizable training components. Participants work together to solve a real organizational business or talent problem over several weeks to months, and present their recommendations to your executive team. Our blended format of action learning includes:

  • Team formation
  • Ideation
  • Creating business cases and recommendations
  • Skills-based training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Online learning portals and in-person work

Collaborate to learn and grow


Action Learning is a highly engaging methodology that delivers tangible, long-lasting impact. Past results have included:

  • Significant career development benefits including advancement/promotion
  • Problem solving with practical, on-the-job application of learnings
  • Actual business cases/recommendations going to market
  • Leadership development including new mentors, coaches and facilitators of future programs

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