We’re here to help your outgoing employees take the next step. We offer an
integrated perspective on change management and outplacement to ensure success for both
your employees and your organization.


  • Merger, acquisition, divestiture
  • Major strategic change
  • Restructuring or downsizing
  • Reductions in force
  • Individual separation or career transition
  • Preparing senior employees for retirement or the next phase of their career
  • Repositioning employees within your organization
  • Individual separations


Career Transition Programs

There are many ways to find a job. Our expert career coaches will help your outgoing employees find the fastest path to the right job for them. A high-touch, high-tech approach ensures flexibility for each individual’s transition path, including the option of until-landed and onboarding coaching.

BPI group is the only national career transition firm that provides an assigned personal career coach who guides each individual through the entire duration of their career transition program and beyond. Services also include:

  • Market-Ready Value Proposition. Job seekers need more than just a resume – they need the right message. We work collaboratively with each individual to develop their resume and build a go-to-market strategy based on their unique value proposition
  • Job Search Skills Training. We build critical job search skills, from social media optimization to behavioral interviewing
  • Specialized transition consulting for high-level executives
  • Online Career and Job Search Portal. Employees who enroll get on-demand access to BPI group SearchPoint℠ for assessments, job leads, company research tools, live training webinars, podcasts, and InterviewStream™ for virtual interview practice
  • For workers who have limited access to technology, we provide a BPI group Touch℠ Tablet loaded with the latest job search apps to connect your employees with new opportunities on the go

Career Transition Consulting Services

Your outgoing employees don’t have to navigate this change alone—and neither do you. We partner with you throughout the transition process, providing comprehensive change management expertise, including:

  • Change management strategy and planning
  • Separation planning and coordination
  • Notifier training, on-site notification, and candidate intake support
  • Communications consulting
  • Engagement of remaining employees

Help your people optimize change


Our career transition clients typically land new jobs 1/3 faster than the market average. Beyond the superior individual outcomes, your organization benefits from:

  • Reduced unemployment cost
  • Improved engagement of remaining employees
  • Positive relationships with outgoing employees
  • Strengthened employer brand

Going through change?

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