Help Your Leaders Prepare for WHAT’S NEXT

Your leaders have given so much and have made a great impact on your organization; yet many have not taken the time to fully develop a plan for their next career and life chapter. As they prepare to exit the organization and move toward a new future, they remain invaluable brand ambassadors for your organization. Be a thought partner with them as they explore what’s next.


  • Has your organization taken a comprehensive view of succession planning that includes how to thoughtfully transition senior leaders toward their next chapter?
  • Do your senior leaders need guidance and coaching  beyond the financial impacts of “retiring” or moving on from the organization?
  • Do you need tools to contribute to an alumni community for your brand?


BPI group’s Next ActSM program offers those who are nearing retirement contemplation the opportunity and framework to:

  • Take a holistic approach to envisioning their future
  • Understand facts, emotions, concerns, and questions related to the next stage in life
  • Explore passions, dreams, and possibilities
  • Review past contributions; affirm strengths, needs, and values; establish priorities
    and set goals
  • Identify opportunities, evaluate options, and validate choices
  • Develop a thoughtful script and plan for action

Your Leaders can develop a plan for
their next career and life chapter


A well-designed Next Act program pays off for both the transitioning leader and the organization by:

  • Supporting your leaders who have given so much to the organization and are now thinking about the next steps in their professional and personal lives
  • Sending a strong brand message to the marketplace that you recognize and reward your people as key organizational assets
  • Strengthening your succession planning framework

Are you an executive preparing for what’s next?

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