Developing Leaders Who DRIVE RESULTS

Equip your current and future leaders with the necessary skills to realize their potential and achieve organizational goals. BPI group equips all levels of leaders with the
essential leadership skills to drive profitable growth, develop themselves and others, and enhance the organization’s culture.


  • Do your potential leaders lack the critical leadership skills and experience they need to advance?
  • Do you have low engagement and high attrition rates due to lack of career development offerings?
  • Are your recruitment costs escalating due to high turnover?
  • Is your organization unable to drive performance due to key skills gaps?
  • Do you struggle putting your own talent to work on solving organizational problems?

BPI group’s Talent Development Services provide the tools your leaders and teams need to learn new skills, improve performance, and make powerful contributions to a growing, thriving organization.


BPI group’s approach to development does not entail traditional, academic, lecture-based sessions where the learnings are quickly forgotten and not applied.  Instead, BPI group adheres closely to the 70/20/10 adult learning model where 70% of learning comes through practice and experience, 20% through coaching and mentoring and 10% through formal content and training.  We deploy various exercises based on actual scenarios, real-time feedback, and easy-to-apply models. This method can push people out of their comfort zones, but the results and improvements in just one session are very clear.

Skills targeted include:

  • Innovation, strategic and agile thinking
  • Leading yourself, others, and projects effectively
  • Managing up
  • Strategic influencing and negotiating
  • Understanding emotional intelligence and leadership styles to influence and motivate others
  • Overcoming dysfunctions to achieve team effectiveness & collaboration
  • Conducting difficult conversations and navigating conflict
  • Coaching and mentoring for career development and performance management
  • Presenting, communicating & storytelling with confidence

Formats include:

  • Customizable learning modules targeted for your business objectives
  • Half-day, full-day, and multiple-day programming
  • Experiential methodologies in a variety of formats, including in-person, webinars, cohort-based, gamification, and action learning

Equip your leaders to lead


  • Improve accountability to drive business performance and people development
  • Help managers and leaders be less task oriented and more focused on people
  • Resolve team and customer conflicts for increased productivity, engagement, profitable growth, and customer satisfaction
  • Instill trust, engage in healthy conflict, and commit to a culture of accountability and results
  • Solve a complex business or talent organizational issue that is impacting profitable growth
  • Instill innovation, strategic thinking, and agility in your senior high-potential leaders
  • Ready your leaders for the complex and ambiguous issues that they will have to address at the next level

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