A revolution is taking place in organizational learning and training today. Corporate universities and talent development models must adapt to the challenges faced by companies and employees in an environment of constant transformation. From digital innovation to accelerated globalization, companies are experiencing profound change—and employees must also shift and build their competencies to adapt to this new market.

Recognizing these challenges, BPI group launched U-Spring: Reimagining the Corporate University. The inaugural conference was held in Paris, France, on April 7, 2016, bringing together over 500 chief learning officers, chief human resources officers, corporate university heads and other leaders.

This white paper summarizes the discussions and insights from the conference, and provides useful perspectives for both practitioners and policy makers:

  • Global perspectives on the current state of organizational learning and corporate universities
  • Six challenges for corporate universities of the future
  • 10 current and future trends in organizational learning

Download the white paper, The New World of Corporate Universities: Challenges, Trends & Opportunities for the latest global insights on organizational learning.